Sparta Prague - Roll call

Sly Stone

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I'm normally SE5 , but my European 3 game package is Main stand. Working in Aberdeen today, but heading down to Ibrox shortly.


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Club deck, only place we could get seats together for the 3 group games .

Mygers Bronze travelling from Loyalist EK.

Border City Bear

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Off work this week so just getting ready then heading out for a bite to eat before i fill up the car and leave here about 4 , into the racists tonight !


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BR5 as always. Really hope Gio can get a reaction out of this lot after Sunday’s embarrassment and get us back on track.

2-1 Rangers.


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Club deck, leaving Hamilton 17:45 to get petrol and get a decent space. I’m confident.


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My Mrs will be there and her pal in my seat.

She`s just phoned me to ask if she can wear my orange ski jacket type jaiket :)

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