Spiers wants Goodwin to keep his job as they played well against Rangers

He genuinely thought Aberdeen were hard done by against Darvel, offside goal etc.

He’s a loathsome cretin.
Problem with that whole club is they're happy as long as they try hard against us. It's pathetic.
They are small time in every single way.

Their board and management team are incompetent beyond words, and their supporters are a bunch of morons.

They deserve each other.
Allegedly, "Sheer guts and conviction" is also the phrase he uses on business cards to advertise his services in the gay saunas of North West Glasgow.
But, But he tried against Rangers. The sheep mentality, Play 4 times a season and everything is rosey.

They’re the most tin pot club I’ve ever known. I hope they do keep badloss, He’s comedy gold.
Why is it the only time I hear or read anything about Spiers it’s always on Follow Follow.

I know a bad smell always lingers, but this cretin is best ignored 100%.
Spiers is a troll. Do not engage, do not follow. Simple really. There to be laughed at and then ignored.