Sports Direct saying they are essential service


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Contemptible creature. I hope people don’t forget his attitude when the crisis is finally over and he starts his massively discounted tat sales.


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People are dying daily but Sports Direct are doing their bit for the nation.

I’ll get a new pair of trainers and a Newcastle top.

Nae bother ya fud.


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i am pretty sure it was a play to get some government funding or something. he doesn't do anything without a motive


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If anyone, even not Rangers affiliated, was not aware of how much of a danger this man is then they should be now. No care for his staff, no care for his businesses reputations, just in it for profit.


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SPORTS Direct WILL shut its stores in the coronavirus lockdown after sparking outrage for claiming it is "vital" for them to remain open during the crisis.

The sportswear brand last night emailed its employees - just 16 minutes after Boris Johnson began his televised speech telling Brits to stay at home - declaring all stores would keep their doors open.

The statement, sent out at 8.46pm to all 17,559 Fraser Group employees said: “As the government rightly recognises in it’s guidance on social distancing, looking after physical and mental well-being during this unprecedented period of social isolation will be extremely important to prevent people ‘falling into unhealthy patterns of behaviour which in turn can make them feel worse.'


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The people won’t forget. For their part - an awful business decision. File alongside Britannia hotels.


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There's clutching at straws and then there's Mike Ashley clutching at straws.

Anyone else thinking they need an oversize tennis ball or a 2019 Chelsea calendar?

Me either.


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The people won’t forget. For their part - an awful business decision. File alongside Britannia hotels.
Why on earth would either the slug or Britannia Hotels have thought their behaviour was going to be good for business long term!?


Any publicity is good publicity is what that fat slug thinks. This morning is jumble sales shops are all over the news.