Surprised that Griffith never dived ?


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Surprised he never dived and surprised Brown never went down after Alfie clipped his ear.

I just posted about this on another thread I think they don't have the stomach to fight this Rangers team.

We need to get our own heads right in the games against the rest. If we can find that consistency we win the lot in this country as no team in Scotland will get near us when we are at our best.

monkey magic

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He was thinking he could score. His touch was heavy and Helander recovered and blocked off the angle for a shot.

Last time they had a penalty, McGregor saved it anyway.

That's my take on it. Still surprised though that the little rat never dived when he knew he wasn't scoring.


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Don't think he had the energy going by the shape of the wee junkie bhastard


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He didn’t even need to dive, if he doesn’t jump over the challenge then McGregor wipes him out and it’s a clear penalty, luckily he thought it was still 2016 and he could get to the ball and score :))

Orange Peel

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When he rounded our keeper, I was fully expecting him to go to ground and give Beaton a decision to make. Lennon probably slaughtered him after the game for not doing so.
Watched it earlier and concur, would have been easy to touch shagger and go down.


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I’d actually give him credit for not going down. If we were in their position I’d be wanting a penalty as well!

Atheist Bear

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It’s operation stop the ten mate. They’re all in on it. Let Rangers win the league so they can keep some semblance of competition. It’s Peter LOLwells doing I tell you!


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I doubt he would have gotten the penalty as he wasn't touched. However, he probably had a bet on and didn't want to mess it up.


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Is it right he has a wife and a mistress and they attend games together?

this came from a Tim who supposedly travelled on the same bus as them last season and apparently its common knowledge and they are both comfortable with it

Oh and IMO he didn’t go down because he wasn’t intelligent enough


He clearly thought he was in. McGregor actually did well not to bundle it into his own net in the end.
He thought he had the legs of five years ago. Five years ago he rounds MacGregor and scores. A wonderful example of the body not doing what the brain thinks it can. Seems you can’t be a waster and a high level footballer at the same time.


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He had the opportunity to actually score, or he could dive, not score and be booked.

He did the right thing, stayed up and gave himself a chance.


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Thing about folks saying he thought he was in and scoring, I don't think he even tried to score once he was past, think he was cutting it back. Strange split second decision.


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I thought Walker showed a real lack of class with that comment. May or may not have got a penalty but I agree a couple years ago he would probably have scored. Bet Lennon went for him about it.


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1. I think Griffith thought he was walking that one into the net so he stayed up.

2. I genuinely don't Brown knew exactly what had happened to him until he turned round and then it was too late.

Fcuk 'em both, and not in a good way.


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Right before anyone starts giving me pelters, I can't stand the rancid little scrote.

Thing is, I might be wrong, I can't really remember him doing a lot of diving. Certainly not as much as most of their forwards over the years.

Might be my memory though. Not as great as it used to be.

⁴ Never thought I would ever give him any kind of endorsement in this, or any other, lifetime but hey ho.
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