Susan Aitken offers apology for Frank McAveety Facebook post linked to Rangers fanzone


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She doesn't even seem to grasp that the issue itself has got absolutely nothing to do with sectarianism. Or maybe she does and is trying (badly) to deflect. Unreal.


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“It was only a joke” - well that’s laughable!
Not sectarian or to do with football - why use a picture of McAveety at Ibrox then and ask her fellow bigots to spread it around? Was it because he was at Ibrox that she finds it offensive?


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The fact is that even if she and the rest of the SNP weren't Rangers haters, they shouldn't receive a single vote because they are incompetent, stupid, deceitful as well as bigoted. That one could, for example, accuse me of some or other of all of those failings at any one time is irrelevant. I'm not running for public office.

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Growing up there was a certain amount of respect for elected officials.
You may not have agreed with their opinions but the positions they held actually meant something.
Fast forward to the absolute thick classless buffoons of today.
Resign you are not fit for the position.


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She is a bare faced liar, where is the humour in what she said. Plus what othe council business is discussed on so called private Facebook page. And is there minutes from her meeting with Humza Useless regarding Orange Parades.


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What a patronising,insulting deluded waste of tax payers money. It doesn't matter if the comments are sectarian. It matters that a paid politician is biased and seeks to make political gain in an unacceptable way. The very fact that she either doesn't understand this or doesn't care and thinks the people she is supposed to represent are too stupid to see through her intellectually immature response means she should resign or be sacked. I won't hold my breath on either eventuality happening.