Talksport now- bheast inquest


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I get the impression them two would rather be talking about bake off than sport. Painful to listen to
A pair of pricks. A show straight from and stuck in the 70's.

Hawksbee is tolerable but that Andy Jacobs drives me insane with his 'strong' day-to-day opinions (don't make me laugh) and his constant laughing at ANYTHING Hawskbee says. Old prick.


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Had talksport on the radio from 08:00 this morning driving into work. Just perfect timing for them to review last night. They had the "laughing policeman" song in the background from the word go, with Brazil getting a slagging. Admitted he didn't see the game! One of them said "lets get Ally on the phone". don't know if they did, though.


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The Huddleboard is hilarious, screaming to get Lennon out, slagging off Lawwell, moaning about the lack of investment, declaring Broonaldo finished and Johnstone and Morgan are shoite. :D