Tax Officials Blamed For Rangers Downfall – HMRC Mistake Wipes Millions From Ibrox Bill (The Times)


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The Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2019 were published on 1 November. If this thing with HMRC was material it would be in the Accounts. As far as I’m aware it wasn’t, at least it wasn’t reported, so I’m not worried.


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Apparantly article coming out tomo in London times from David Murray, he’s suing HMRC and so are BDO over the EBT claims and allegedly BDO are saying that the club should not be liquidated and they have held off final paperwork!

That's the text doing the rounds.

There’s been a lot of chat about this for absolutely ages

In truth, when you look at the squad value that was stolen from us, and the punitive fines that were lumped upon alleged EBT debts, and then also take into account the millions that the administrators have hoovered up in the process of liquidation, it’s been spoken of before, many times, that we weren't actually insolvent.

None of which will alter the fact that we spent 7 years in the doldrums and have had to reinvest tens of millions to get us back somewhere close to where we were.

All this story will do is annoy me at the sheer futility and unnecessary nature of this whole set of events :(


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What practical effect would it have on us if the oldco wasn’t liquidated after all?

Genuine question, because all this stuff is way too complicated.

Same, it goes way over my head because i try to ignore most of this side of the stuff, as its just been boring and depressing for years. Anyone actually explain what effect Murray suing HMRC would hav eeither?

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I'd love HMRC to be held to account for the way in which this whole debacle was handled.

Make no mistake, there are people within that organisation whose soul aim was to damge Rangers.

That private and confidential information concerning our club was repeatedly leaked and divulged from Govt sources to malevolent individuals was appalling, criminal, in fact. Not one person was ever arrested.


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Dave King has been on the ball with our troubles since day 1 in 2012.

He also said that after taking control perhaps 3 years ago that he’ll bring the oldco out of liquidation. Given he was one of the major shareholders in the oldco he may have had an inkling it could go this way.

I could of course be talking absolute shit, but what a year 2020 could be.

Win 55
Oldco out of liquidation and merged with newco
Timmy’s decade of moonhowling all for nothing.


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Why now?

Why does Murray give a toss when he was advised not to sell to Whyte but HBOS wanted it sold and saddled us with Muir and McGill?

The whole thing stll has more questions than answers but HMRC in the dock would be fun.

Maybe some who, why, at whose behest might actually come out eventually.

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So basically if this text is to be believed and Murray wins this case does it mean we will have been put through this suffering without doing anything wrong?

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The Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2019 were published on 1 November. If this thing with HMRC was material it would be in the Accounts. As far as I’m aware it wasn’t, at least it wasn’t reported, so I’m not worried.

I’m not so sure. Would the Accounts for RIFC touch on something that only really affects the oldco (in business terms)?

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So, we were victims of a demonstrably incorrect, not sure if we can call it unlawful, act.

what now player registration money and withheld prize money? To say nothing of the prejudicial expulsion of the old team from the top division.


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A few people in work have said that Murray was planning to get involved again. I obviously called it as crap.

However, maybe that means this is where the rumours were coming from.


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If true and they win that mean that we can sue the SPL for tossing us out?
At the time sensible heads in Scottish football though not many of them should have left it play out to see what the end was but blood lust took over.

Longer term if this is true I think nearly everyone involved in trying to buy the club stated that longer term the old Co would be reintegrate going fwd into the current companys

What's the story

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Forgive me for not trusting these texts that fly about randomly. Been stung too often in recent times. Will breathe easy once I know another shit storm isnt coming our way.

Brother Crockett

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I don’t see how there would be any impact. The assets of the oldco were transferred into the newco, so the oldco effectively isn’t capable of doing anything.
But it’s still a legal entity, it could be re-erected as the company which once operated the Rangers football team.


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could this be a renegotiation of the money owed?

i.e. not spurious made up fines and shite but being forced to take an actually realistic amount in settlement?