The best celebration you've ever seen?

Gordy Boy

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Excluding one of our players.

Be it passion, intensity, an outpouring of grief or just sheer shithousery.

Adebayor against Arsenal for me.

Running the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of his old fans.


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Read the thread title and immediately thought Adebayor. Fucking awesome.

Cambuslang Bear

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There was a thread a while back about a Scandanavian team with crazy celebrations. Some of them were brilliant. I'll try and find the link


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Gazza with the “ Dentist Chair “ for England always come to mind , what a goal aswell, must still give Colin Henry nightmares.


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Did Fabio grosso not do similar when he scored one for Italy at a euros/world cup semi or something?
Semi final of the World Cup in 2006. Great goal and great celebration. Very like Tardelli. That was a great goalless 118 minutes topped off with two great goals and celebrations.


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As others say tardelli. One that always sticks in my mind was Maradonna in the world cup( usa i think) when he goes right up to the camera and looks out his tits.