The most Scottish looking Scottish player?


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Always thought Philip. Sendoros was the most Scottish. Looking player ever. Was shocked when I. Heard he wasn’t born in maryhill


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We could make a right handsome XI from this thread:
Jim Leighton in goal.

back 4 of Moyes,McLeish, Bowman, and Bomber.

midfield of David Hopkin, Steve fulton, billy bremner and Gordon strachan

joe Jordan and John McGinlay up front
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Really surprised how many votes Hendry is getting, ask your self how many 6ft 2 Blonde blokes you see walking down the road , we are not living in Stockholm here .
The question is Scottish looking.. is has to be more Big Eck, Charlie Adam, Craig Burley, type.
As far as stereotypes go scotland would be a big ginger hammer thrower, just needs a kilt and to be named Hamish and its colin hendry by a mile in my opinion