The turning point - Football on BT Sport tweet


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I honestly think I'll cry my eyes out when he eventually leaves. He hasn't half done something special with Rangers.


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What a guy

He gets us and gets the hurt and pain we had to endure

Winning the league this year and doing well in EL was vital. He delivered for us all

The drive and will to win is amazing


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I loved that, our manager is nothing but a winner, and he has instilled the winning, within our club again thank you S. Gerrard.


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I love that and him. You can see he’s just a fan when we score. He can’t control it when the ball hits the net in a big game.


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Fantastic. Was a feeling in the air at Ibrox the day he signed. Now he's forever woven into the history of our club. Love the fact that the guy is immaculate. Remember reading somewhere that he'd prefer to wear a trackie, but honoured the fact that our gaffer's are always suited and booted. What a difference to see.


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Very inspiring words as well no matter your walk of life - have your goals and work your socks off every day to achieve them.

Prestwick_ Bear

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Just watched that and it sums up Stevie G. Born Winner and I'm so proud he's our Manager and most of all he's one of us now and gets it.

55 has made him a Rangers Legend and long may it continue.

Lainey Love

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Love our manager, he has brought so much to our club on and off the field.

Our fantastic board, DK and everyone who have come and gone since we got The Rangers back deserve enormous credit for managing to persuade SG to come to us.

I know that everyone of us will be eternally grateful


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I had a lump of n my throat when he was unveiled. Thousands in the stand to welcome him got to me, felt like we were a serious club again but he's exceeded everything i hoped for. Euro runs, the league, dominating the filth and doing it all with class. He really was the turning point.


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Amazing, oozes class.

When he says you have to be obsessed I just think Ryan Kent, you can see the influence the gaffer has on him, mentioned before but rare to see a player as focused, as "obsessed", as our Number 14.