Tierney world class?


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world class aye in their world plus worth billions, you only get this from the green planet where reality is another truth they dont understand


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He looks to be decent. Admittedly I don't watch them at all really but I thought for Scotland recently he looked good against poor opposition. And let's face, other than possibly games against Hayes for Aberdeen, he was probably defensively untroubled in most games last season.

I am looking forward to seeing candieas up against him as I suspect in our previous meetings he hasn't had much to contend with. Certainly in the last game our lack of an effective outlet on the right allowed him, Sinclair and thumb head to bully tav and win every second ball.

That said, I expect Brendan knows this and will switch the pressure down the other wing. We need to be prepared for this.


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He's decent enough, but anyone referring to any Scottish based player as world class is mental, regardless of who they're playing for


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Of course he's not. He's a decent player at the moment. Still quite young and should get better, mind you. Hopefully he does that elsewhere, obviously
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Decent player no doubt about that. Was overhyped at the start and got didnt cover himself in glory against the better teams but has undoubtedly improved and was motm for me against England.

Would be interesting to see him more tested every week.

They will get a few quid for him but when talking to tims i compare with Robertson. A player that had proven himself in the Epl, still young and only went for 10m


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Over hyped, over priced , will stay at the manks for his entire career while the media tell us Celtic have knocked back multi trillion pound bids for him when in reality it's just that no one wants him


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A friend of a friend who's a beggar dropped it in to conversation around CL semi final time last season, that only Mbappe and Dybala were better younger players in Europe than Tierney was at that time. Seemed genuinely taken aback at our ridicule of his claim.

The mind of the yahoo is a strange place.
Aside from the batshit comment, Dybala is hardly a young player.