Tims get 18,500 fans in for friendly vs West Ham on Saturday.


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given Angela saying last night was deserving of the 3pts
they've probably told the ScotGov that the west ham game is a competitive fixture

thank god the SNP is chocful of Rangers fans wanting to help us all the time..

oh wait!


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The GCC CSC emerald no1 supporters club must have been desperate to get into one of the games, because there’s no other explanation possible, no matter how well they put it across, to justify these decisions. If it’s parity and fairness across the board then from this stage on we should be getting the same amounts per game up until full capacity starts. They will dress it up as a percentage issue given they have what, 9000odd seats more than us, they will dress it up as this is how they came to it, but regardless, it should be a straight up same attendance no matter what.


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Devil's advocate here is it maybe cause we are playing 2 games ? But on the other hamd how do we only have 17000 for livi
Our 2 games you talk of =20.5k.
There previous game plus their next = 27k

These figures are for games that are taking place in the same week!


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Devil's advocate here is it maybe cause we are playing 2 games ? But on the other hamd how do we only have 17000 for livi
It isnt a reward system, it shouldnt be "well they are having two games in the one weekend".

The fact is if 18500 is considered a safe number in one stadium then it is safe in another stadium in the same city.

One positive to take from it is that is increasing fairly quickly which can only be a good thing as we near the start of the season.


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But unexpected - it's GCC making decisions here, and we know the relationship between them and Ibrox

If they were equal %'s then fair enough but they're not.

I'd also understand if the argument was that as you increase capacity, you get better understanding of how it runs, so you need to build up

But that doesn't explain how they go from 2 > 9 > 18.5, and in the same 3 game span we go from 2 > 8.5 > 12.75


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It's probably because they don't wash and in view of new evidence that has came to light the virus repels from smelly C%$t's. This is obviously the case. Be patient fellow bears. WE ARE THE CLEAN PEOPLE...........


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Perhaps they are getting more in for the game V West Ham as this is on their season ticket- and it is a damage limitation exercise to avert claims being lodged for partial refunds :eek:

that said the bar has been set