Tommy Sheridan strikes again.


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Tommy calling for supporters to rally round the team.

Ye support them when their doon!! it's like real life when yer gaun through a rough patch, yer real mates stick by ye and the fake wans don't answer their phone!!


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Spoken like a true politician.

Even if it were true, I'd rather be New than Knew ya peado bastards.

So Mote It Be

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Afraid I can’t endorse the ‘get well soon’ message.

He’s far too entertaining as tarrier whamee with his blood pressure at boiling point.

stonewall Jackson

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Canny stand Sheridan

A total Tarrier imposter who for years denied being a Shellick fan that’s how loyal and committed he is to ra Shellick

Guy is an embarrassment and a fraud

A champagne and bought house socialist who is a deviant cuunt
He is also a convicted criminal and a serial liar. Would anyone buy a used car from this balloon.


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I listened to the whole show, dear god I would seriously be having words with any of the Rangers pods if they allowed someone to rant as bad as that.
Even poor Rod got it for bowing before the Queen during one rant.

When we beat them at New Year they will be full on civil war with each other.


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I'm Confused, are we a new club or over 53 years old?
Does that statement infer that we started up in 1967?
Where does he get that from?
Is he saying that we had a great start, the year that we played in the Cup Winners Cup Final in Nuremburg?

Note, Tommy the Socialist stays in 5 star hotels - especially and allegedly when others are paying.

Slim Jim

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The last Tommy Sheridan thread has seemingly been deleted so I’ll post this again from Downfall: The Tommy Sheridan Story by Alan McCombes:

That’s a very good book, shows him up in other ways e.g. lack of political thought. Also how during second trial he was willing to take his wife down with him rather than accept a deal offered.