When you see a captain's armband - what's the first name that pops into your head?

cockney gers boy

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thats who i thought of as well. cant tell you why. it just is.
actually, i can. i can just see him there with his, ''i dont give a f-uck about you or what team or who you are. im the Rangers captain and we are Rangers.'' he needs say no more.

Starting Anew

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Though I suspect it reflects the age of respondents more than anything else. Older fans will say Greig. Middle aged fans will say Gough. Younger guys will say Ferguson. The very young have limited options and will hopefully have Tav above Wallace though he pales in comparison to the others.

Blue Lew

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I should say John Greig because he was my first Rangers captain but it’s Richard Gough every day of the week.
I was lucky enough to meet both and share a table with JG and our very own glorious leader Suck at an event put on by our very own CaptainArmband- ironically enough!


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When it comes to captain's Rangers have been as spoiled as we are with Great keepers. Greigy was slightly before my time or he'd probably be my pick and Goughie was an inspirational captain but for me I think of Butcher. We'd been through some real barren years before Souness revived us and pivotal to our success was his signing of Butch. He's not endeared himself to the bears in recent years but Butch was some player and a real leader of men. I remember his debut in a friendly defeat v Bayern and I couldn't believe the size of him or how good his left foot was. Today's passing game would not faze him one bit.

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