Which goal was better? Hateley v Laudrup

The better headed goal?

  • Hateley

    Votes: 135 64.0%
  • Laudrup

    Votes: 76 36.0%

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Davie Cooper

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Hateleys was the best headed goal I've seen in all my time watching Rangers, no contest, the double shuffle and cross from Mark Walters was a thing of beauty as well.

But I will say Laudrup was playing as a striker due to an injury crisis and not known for scoring with his head, definitely deserves recognition for that as well as the obvious importance of that goal.


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I went for Hateley - though I didn't think there was a lot between the two goals. His header was at a harder angle as he flicked it into the faraway corner, while Laudrup's was fairly straight on and almost certainly a goal once he made contact. Of course, Mark was known for his heading ability and was always a threat in that department no matter the angle. Brian, on the other hand, wasn't known for heading the ball so I suppose I'm doing him a disservice saying that it was a straightforward header when it wasn't a natural part of his game.

Although there wasn't a lot between the headers in relation to compatible heading ability, it still has to be Mark as it was a last day decider unlike the Tannadice game, we had been thrashed 3-0 by Motherwell in the previous game and up against a team on form, there would be no title without the win which would've meant Laudrup's goal being slightly less significant a few years later. For those reasons - it has to be Hateley.


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Today's poll is between 2 classic and unforgettable title winning headers.
With due respect to Terry Butcher in 1987 and Trevor Steven in 1990, these for me are the 2 most famous headed goals to win us a championship in the last 40 years.

1991 Mark Hateley v Aberdeen
We were on a poor run, decimated by injuries, and had recently lost our manager. They had gone top the previous week, were on a long unbeaten run, and only needed a draw. This goal set up 3 in a row in a last day showdown.

1997 Brian Laudrup v Dundee United
The night we had been dreaming of, 9 in a row. After looking like we would cruise to it, we had stumbled and only had one more game after this one. The greatest player of my lifetime scoring the goal that made that team immortal.

2 incredible celebrations. 2 great players. 2 brilliant headers. But which goal was the better one?

both keepers to blame easy saves all day.:))