Who would you like to see promoted/relegated this season?


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It’s looking like Dundee Utd has the championship wrapped up this season and will be coming up. As much as I hate them I am kinda looking forward to the grudge matches with them next season and hopefully hammer them each time we play each other.

Unless hearts start picking up a few points it’s looking like they will be falling down into the championship. Can’t say I’ll be to disappointed and slap it up them, but to be honest would prefer them to stay up to the likes of Hamilton.

If it comes the playoffs I’d love to see Ayr Utd promoted. Handy enough away game for us Northern Ireland fans to get to plus a proper old school stadium, and someone different in the premier league


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Shame about Dundee Utd, seeing them languish in the championship always brings me great joy. Got exactly what they deserved after the bullsh** they said about us.

I've always wanted Motherwell to go down, but no chance of that happening this year. Can't stand them. Would like to see St Mirren go down.

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Would rather see Hibernian or Aberdeen go down. I wouldn't mind Partick Thistle or Ayr United coming up.


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Hope Dundee Utd pull through, just so we can pump them next season. Hope hamilton go down, as much as im a fan of their gaffer, i think its about time they went down.

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Hamilton relegated - terrible stadium with nae fans, and a sh*te plastic pitch.
Dundee Utd promoted - Not my favourite club but I want Scotland's biggest and best to be in the top division.


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Would love to see St. Mirren go down. Scummy support. Awful manager. Not that i'm a football purist or anything but abhorrent to watch and no great loss.

Since scumdee utd are all but up... I'd love to see them get hammered all season and pumped back down with an unsustainable budget, administration & then...


Not particularly bothered who goes down, it’d be nice to see Ayr Utd in the top division right enough.


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As much amusement as it is to see Hearts struggling I would prefer that Hamilton took their place. Nothing against them or their supporters but that pitch is an eyesore. The sooner the clubs that rely on the artificial surfaces are relegated the better IMO.

Dundee Utd look to be coming up and I'd like to see Dundee come up with them.


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Disappointed that Dundee Utd look to be coming up. Would not be too sad to see a plastic pitch team being relegated.


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Both Dundee clubs up, St Mirren and Hamilton down.
No matter how we feel about Dundee United, this is the most sensible scenario for the league as a whole. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee derbys should boost any tv deal, throwing in whatever grudge games against Aberdeen.
Hamilton, while far from being the worst bunch, do have a plastic pitch and there really should be a ban on them in the top league in my opinion, so the less of them the better.


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Would love to see the spoon burners take their rightful place down a division. They and their fans are utter scum.

Motherwell as an alternative.

Thistle to come up, being a Maryhill boy and all that


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Kilmarnock to go down, the last game of the Steve Clarke reign still sticks in my craw
Don’t think Kilmarnock will go down unless they really start to mess up. My prediction is Hamilton to go straight down and st Mirren to be in the play offs

I think hearts will start to pick up


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Out of the current bunch of teams St Midden and I hope we add to that misery tonight with some goals


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Reckon hearts will go down. The playoffs always favour the SPL team so don’t see a second team going down.

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Hamilton bottom (Sh*te pitch, sh*te away day)
Kilmarnock through the play-off (sh*te pitch, decreased our away allocation)

Dundee Utd (We owe them a hiding!)
ICT through the play-off (decent away trip)