Why doesn't Scotland 'rip it up and start again' re youth development?


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This. What I will say is I see lots of great wee players playing 5/7/8 aside up until u13s I think it is. They then go onto 11 a side competitive football and the players and coaches in my opinion tend to revert back to get the biggest lads in and kick everything that moves. A lot of kids then lose interest and are pretty much lost to the game.
And the big kids are those born at the start of the academic year. Children born in June, July, August are about 50% less chance of making the grade.


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There are bigger factors involved rather than how many training pitches there are

socio-economics , immigration & I would argue genetics is a huge factor in the make up of national squads now.

It’s not a coincidence for example when you watch European national teams , the number of players of African / Caribbean /decent / mixed race players , 2nd generation immigrants will undoubtedly have bigger desire to make it / raise them & their family out of poverty / send money back vs the average relative comfortable indigenous upbringing

Strachan got laughed out the room when he pointed out the height / strength disparity between Scottish players and other nations

When pure athleticism is such a big part of a football player now, the odds are football will merely go same as NBA / NFL


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Disagree regarding grassroots, still hear loads of coaches encouraging the physical element of the game and route one football.
Too much in Scotland is about mentality and that won’t change cos too many still don’t see their actions as being backwards.

We still like a hard tackle more than playing football. We think us working hard will bring success but we forget that don’t have the talent!

I teach Futsal and believe it is a massive help to kids in growing their technical skills - these should be taught first and foremost then teach them how to play a position afterwards.


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Bring back competitive football in secondary schools. 3 'age ranges' of S1/S2, S3/S4, S5/S6.

The local authority areas set up a league, play it on a Friday afternoon.

The 32 local authority champions go into an end of season tournament.

It gives incentive to boys good at football to stay in school until S5/S6 as well.

More local linkups with school teams as feeders into local clubs/academies.


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As it stands, I'd disband the national team. The whole thing is pointless and a waste of time.

wee bud's pit boots

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Aye rip it up and start again and then tell these, Rangers hating fuckwits it's a song (and I get the humour) sung by a band called Orange Juice.

Wee Jimmie would be in an uproar, but it would save her dealing with reality mind.


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What are England doing right that we’re not.?
A country that’s about a 2/3 hour drive from the SFA headquarters seem to produce decent youth players.
Yes the population is bigger but surely their development philosophy would get us on the same path.?
Or look north to Iceland who are much 10x smaller than us but seem to producing excellent players.


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Sorry in advance for sounding like a broken record on this. If anyone in the SFA genuinely cared about the future of Scottish football they’d be consulting Rangers and Beale in particular.
I say that cause we have the highest qualified and skilled coaching team, advanced methods, and are striving for the ‘elite level’.
As for Beale, you need only listen to his Heart and Hand interview to realise that his footballing brain is on another level, coupled with his passion, we are privileged to have him at our club.


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Nearly 50 posts in and not one has suggested that the failure of the dominant footballing force in the country to produce world-class players might also be to blame.

I'd start at home.


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With forward thinking progressives Petrie and Mulraney at the top we can surely look forward to World Cup Quarter Finals within the next 20 years.


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They had a chance to do it from the top down before Eck was re-appointed and Clarke was appointed - but once again chose the patch up option.

There's a decent core of younger players who I would build a team around. Say to them they are in the squad for the next campaign - never mind club form - and build a club mentality.

Boys like:

Captain vs Belgium was Mulgrew FFS!

The last person to start with a blank canvas was Berti - as Broon left him with nothing. And he still managed to take us to a play off.

Haven't been close since.

21 years since France 98. That's a lot of patches/plasters - and no further forward.