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All those who wanted "sporting integrity" to prevail to make sure Rangers got demoted to the bottom division now want to hand a league title to the tarriers with 9 games to go.

Who would have thunk it.


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From the Evening Express -

When the coronavirus outbreak started I was all for the integrity of football and finishing the league. Yet the longer this crisis goes on, the tighter the window to finish the leagues becomes.

If the leagues can be finished that would be the ideal scenario but that is looking less likely if an end of June deadline is enforced by Uefa.

Ultimately integrity may have to be binned and pragmatism take over with hard decisions made. No one will be happy with these decisions but we are in tough times and tough calls need to be made.

Then you freeze the table and it will come down to what a club has done throughout the season before the shutdown.

Celtic look like they will have won the league title regardless.

Unfortunately for Hearts, they have had a poor season and are bottom of the Premiership while Dundee United have run away with their league in the second tier.

If the league has to be cut off at the point it was initially halted due to the coronavirus clubs will have to accept that and legal action would not be the way to go.

Clubs bottom of the league have had plenty of opportunities to get away from there this season.

Relegation would be difficult to take, but affected clubs must ultimately accept it and move on to look forward to when this virus is finally beaten.

Then plans can be put in place to resurrect that club going forward.

Every club is going to be affected financially by the shutdown and Aberdeen have confirmed they are no different.

Huge decisions need to be made within Scottish football soon and they must be guided by Uefa.

Football is in a holding situation at the moment.

There is a lot of hope out there that the season can be finished but in reality is that really going to happen?

Uefa are talking optimistically about finishing seasons by the end of June but I don’t think that will be practical.

Particularly with the way the coronavirus is spreading here and the measures that have been introduced by the United Kingdom and Scottish governments.

If Uefa issue a direct mandate that all leagues must finish by the end of June I don’t see that happening.

It is when that becomes impossible that tough decisions must be made.

The season cannot be made null and void, that should not be an option.

You would just have to take the current league position and make those tough calls on titles and relegation.

There could also be an argument for league reconstruction with no relegation and promotion is achieved. That could result in one league fewer than the current four division set-up and we increase the amount of teams in each league.

Dave Cormack has revealed the financial implications of the shutdown for Aberdeen.
Uefa must be strong and give directives to all European countries soon.

As as we go through April we will have a clearer picture of how this virus is being controlled and the medical advice on being able to move people around again. However the statements coming from the health authorities are that will take some time.

Uefa have to give guidelines of what to do this season and how that will impact next season.

I don’t see playing games behind closed doors as has been mooted down south going ahead.

There could be a window before the end of the year to finish the Scottish Cup. It would only be three games and should happen.

Hopefully we will have this virus under control by the end of the year.

Three cup games is easy to fit into next season’s calender. It would also bring revenue for clubs involved.
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