Worst Celtic team for years


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Schooled them from start to finish without even getting anywhere near top gear. Proud of every single one of our players .We must go on and capitalise on this as we have shown there again in a head to head how much better we are than them.
Was as comfortable a victory against them as I have seen in a long time . They should be worried after seeing that, not even a shot on target that I can recall. Will be interesting to see and hear the aftermath of this coming from them. Keep the pressure on them and they could easily fall apart. They will use excuses of key players missing but we had some unavailable too.


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By position...

Keeper worse
Defenders worse
Midfield same
Forwards same

But guess what, their forwards arent up against Kiernan and Martin for us, or shite diddy defenders from our league


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Position for position I genuinely believe we have the better players, obviously don't see them as much as ours, but their teams of the past you could pick a few,that you would rather not be playing.

Not a single one there today

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We defended well and we have played far better this season.

We were by far the better team and we set up perfectly today.

They were made to look worse than they are, and to be honest this has been coming as far as they are concerned.


They were garbage. Not a single player on their team would get into ours today. Their strikers are pitiful, Duffy, the great Irish hope, is garbage, their keeper is a bomb scare, their manager is clueless. The league is ours to lose.

First thought after a result like that is to put it down by saying they are shite?

We made them look shite, credit our team


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Their goalie is pretty poor for the money they laid out.

Ajer had a few menacing runs through the midfield and made some fair cutting passes.

Frimpong posed a bit of a menace early on I thought, but thankfully Borna was able to snuff most of it out.

I actually thought that Laxalt (yes, he of the odd look) seemed to be putting dangerous passes and crosses into our area, and I was amazed when Lennon took him off.

CFC's McGregor started well in midfield but faded badly as the game went on.

Elyounoussi also showed some danger when he attacked.

Those apart, their players were effing abysmal.

We've had stronger challenges and come up against better individual performances from "lesser" teams.

Not one of their players did enough for me that I would even have put them on our bench.


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As a group of players I am not sure that they don’t have a decent squad. However they are managed by a clown. It comes as no surprise to me at all that since Rodgers left they have slowly but steadily got worse and worse. I hope they don’t do anything silly like sack Lennon. He already has them on the slide and will absolutely implode if we properly get a grip of this league.


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I’ve watched a couple of their games and they are shite

If we can keep on winning that’s the key

They have played the good sides at home and now this quarter they have to play them all away from home

Let’s get our wins done and see how they perform in harder away games


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It was clear our team knew their jobs and had confidence in the managers tactics. They didn't have a team, or a manager.
They were in our back pockets from the kick off.
Lennon must stay.

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Once eduward goes, they are left with no one.
Broon is done and no captain to replace him and looking at griffiths hes finished and now 30.


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I think you do a disservice to our team, Gerrard has them playing football without fear and happy to pass through teams from anywhere on the park.


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Ajer is decent, I used to think the same about N'tcham also but he was totally nullified by Kamara today. The rest? I wouldn't be losing sleep over any of them.
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