Would Lewis Ferguson improve the team?


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I don’t think he’s someone we should be pinning our hopes on as our saviour, but I think he’d be a useful addition to our squad. At 20 years of age, he’s played a lot of 1st team football and will continue to improve.

That being said, wouldn’t want to pay Aberdeen a dime and don’t believe they would entertain any discussions, so bit of a moot point.


Not for me. Never thought he was a standout whenever ive seen him. Unless coaches see attributes that could be built on cant see it happening.


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We don't need another midfielder who has spent season after season getting his arse felt by the tarriers.
I take your point to an extent, but does that mean we exclude ourselves from signing anyone from Scotland, seriously?

The beasts currently have 6 players in their squad that have played for Scottish sides before ending up there.

Unless Ross Wilson has a magic book of players from around the world, it would be naive to rule out a complete market based on how an overall team performs, as opposed to individuals.


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Davis is 34

Kamara has been consistently linked to moves abroad

Aribo has been massively in consistent

Doesn't seem to rate Doc.

If Ferguson was available and wanted to come - id bring him in


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Has he ever beat Celtic with Aberdeen? I've never been overly impressed with him and I think Aberdeen would want alot more than he's worth.

I think midfield should be a priority apart from Ryan Jack nobody could stake a claim whether it be age ( Davis Arfield) or inconsitancy ( Aribo and Kamara)


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The less we have to do with that Ferguson mob the better. Benedict Arnold from Lanarkshire.
Gerrard wouldn't be able fart in the dressing room without it getting back to Uncle Barry and Father Derek to run their mouths off in the press about it.

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Nope, IMO he's rubbish. Also has too much tendency to 'leave a foot in' - just what we DON'T need when officials are looking for any reason and none to yellow or red card Rangers players. If his old man had any brains, he'd have told son not to become involved with that shower of Rangers hating scum.


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From the few games ive seen him, he looks decent at best! For the fee Aberdeen would be looking for, he's not for us


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Probably. However, i’d struggle to believe we couldn’t get someone who would improve us by just as much, if not more, for a better price than what Aberdeen would demand from us.


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He'd give us some bite in midfield.
But.....would we play him if we had him?
Young. Has potential.
I don't know.


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He's a decent player. Would he improve they team I don't know. I am not sure he would even be given a chance to improve the team or prove he could.


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He might but he dropped his runner for celtics 1st goal yesterday and didnt react when the 2nd ball broke from the keepers save from forrest


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he’s clearly not pish.

unfortunately for your argument, he’s been part of an Aberdeen side that have have some big results against us in the last two years...
All good and well when your under no pressure with a free hit 4 times a season.


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Footballers who play for Rangers need to deal with the expectation of beating everything in front of them to keep us happy. Footballers who play with Aberdeen only need to deal with the expectation of beating Rangers to keep their supporters happy


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It’s completely academic the sheep won’t sell to us. So we’d have to do a Ryan Jack and wait until he’s out of contract. No idea how long his contract is for.