Would you take any Sparta players?

Clay Davis

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Number 37 was shite. Was clearly a midfielder playing in defence.

Karlsson looked good when he came on but there’s probably a reason he doesn’t start for them.

27 would be useful for crossing to Alfie.

Bob Belcher

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Moberg Karlsson is a decent player. He was excellent against the Tims in both games last season. I don't know why he hasn't started either of the games against us because he looks like he's got a lot of ability.


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The boy Karabec that came on is highly rated, was decent enough but missed the sitter at back post. Watched Czech U21s last week against England and he was impressive.


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Karlssson looks decent anytime i watch him but feel like theres a reason he doesn't start for them. Mental he played with Kilmarnock genuinely don't remember him but i don't remember him sending duffus for a hotdog last season he terrorised that mob.


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They looked utterly hopeless home and away.

They got by at home because a referee got it in his mind to send off Kamara. They got humiliated tonight and the only reason it wasn't 5-1 was because our forward players are low on confidence and Shagger shagged.


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Take them round the back and let Kamara boot %^*& out of them aye

For the team, not a chance