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By Mark Dingwall

I was already a member of Club 1872, due to formerly being a Life Member of the RST.  Yesterday I donated £100 as a one-off and upped my monthly contribution to £18.72.   You can do similar on their website

Fans banding together created the conditions which saw the Spivs chased out of our club.  We can do great things when we are organised.

Club 1872 will shortly have to confirm their level of interest in the forthcoming share issue which is open only to certain existing shareholders.  The more subscribers and donators they have the higher the number of shares they can buy.

At present Club 1872 is the second largest shareholder with 10.7% of the club.

No set of supporters should know better than Rangers fans how vital a large shareholding can be to influence the running of the club.  If you disagree with any Club 1872 practises or policies then you can change them by argument or vote.

Don’t leave it to others – sign up today, donate today.

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