Ashley Takes Season Ticket Money


Unfortunately the Great British Public are also a fickle bunch - Wetherspoons will be rammed.
sadly you are correct - many in the Great British Public will forgo anything for 'a bargain'. Just look at Ryan Air - they feck plenty of people over and all they have to do is offer a few £19.99 flights and everyone's on it.


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It's even more c@ntish taking money from people, who signed up under different circumstances, when there was a report last year showing that the uplift in TV money from Sky and BT meant that all Premiership clubs could let people in for free, for every game, and still be up on their income compaired to the year before.


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Could say the same about Whyte, Green, Ahmad etc.

I'm sure when he's at StJames Park there will be plenty police/stewards close by, and away from the games, he probably lives in London, and as a billionaire, doesn't frequent the types of places that nutters normally go!
There were comments on here claiming if Whyte (and others) had done the same to Celtic they would kill him. Maybe the everyone, anyone campaign needs to reach out to more local gangsters. :cool: