Balogun post match


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Why would you be worried about a free transfer anyway ? if it doesn't work it doesn't work but its a free transfer
so there really is no reason at all to be worried.
More about bringing in players that are first team upgrades rather than squad players. We need players that will make a difference to the starting eleven .
So far so good.

DJ Blue

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Good start from the boy and long my it continue.

Presenter peddling the myth that Scottish Football is faster than else where.


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Smart guy. Think he's going to be our first choice with Goldson. Helander will need to get fit and stay fit to displace either of those two. Baloguns pace and distribution is a massive plus.

Crispy Bacon

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This lad will go far. Came under the radar but Wilson had known of him for a time.
What an attitude for a CH to have. Can’t wait to see him in Europe.


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I said he was a great signing on a free and today has enhanced my view . Fantastic to get a player of his Calibre in and at 32 he could play for 4 seasons easily as a Centre Half .

Ardoyne RSC

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So far, so good. Early days but looks the part. One thing he proved is that he has a thick skull. He will definately need it when he comes up against the hammer throwers in Scottish football.

Bear all

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So far looks a great signing showed great pace at the back when it looked like the Sheep player was going to get a run on goal,not bad at all for a debut.


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aye we've won a watch with him maybe this time we wont need to worry about our defence this season

but i was getting him mixed up with goldson at times :D


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The Kreuzberg Kaiser.

Looked quick, didn't shirk the aerial battle and seemed comfortable enough in possession. Granted, he was up against kids today and there'll be far tougher challenges to come, but as far as debuts go that was near enough faultless.

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
Thought that was an excellent debut. If he can carry on like that he might be more than a temp back up plan for Gerrard.