Best centre half last 5 years

Best centre half last 5years

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He's most certainly up there for me. An all rounder and scores some amount of goals aswell. Imagine the amount of red cards he'd get playing for us as he's a dirty bastard, but a winner at all costs.

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Chiellini is a great no doubt but I think Ramos just shades it for me. A born winner and done it in an arguably stronger league and on the the world stage too.


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People say Ramos because he's 'cool' but he's a bombscare at times.

Godin is a much more solid defender (Atletico's defensive record was superb).

Ramos is a class act though and is always good to pop up with an important goal.


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Excellent defender, no doubt but this is a fuucking embarrassment and simply indefensible. Those laughing about his antics would be ready to kill him if he did this against Rangers.



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Chiellini’s the best defender.

Ramos is the all around better footballer.

I love them both but went for the Italian stallion.