Brothers and sisters meet Michael “ Rocky” Stewart


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In light of this video emerging,I would like to apologise and distance myself from comments I may have made a few days ago in a separate thread regarding mr stewart,where I may have inadvertently called into question his hygiene,religion and parentage.I am so so sorry.


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Takes himself very seriously doesn’t he!?

Thinks he is sending out a message to anyone thinking of having a go at him. Pathetic.


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Full David Brent. Love it.

We appear to be witnessing the beginnings of a very public breakdown. I really shouldn’t laugh, but...


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If he wants to film himself punching the heavy bag, that's his business. I only ask that he does his job in a fair and even handed manner. He doesn't. I pay a licence fee to watch someone who is incompetent, and that's wrong.


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Thats a tad worrying TBH - genuinely hope he has someone checking in on him.

Never been a fan but that outburst on the radio, the petition and stuff like this on Social Media are all worrying traits.

The Predator

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Another thing. His home setup is fucking embarrassing. C-nt has more money than me and my garage setup pisses all over this very comfortably.


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The C*** is always alone, even in this he's taken the time to set his wee phone up to film himself in his wee room, all alone, he's a dating profile away from moving in with Leckie


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He appears to be using the bag as the physical embodiment of his ‘career’ in the media, the punches mimicking his own character self-assassination.

He needs help and really should take a break from social media as a whole.

I haven’t forgotten his disgusting behaviour and would rather not see him in any shape or form on a public platform.