Brothers and sisters meet Michael “ Rocky” Stewart


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It’s genuinely quite disturbing reading some of the twitter comments. They really do have a sick rage for our club. Not only do they have a song about our kit man dying, they are also willing the beating of a 60+ year old PR contractor.
They are disturbed. Surely also comments on twitter encouraging violence towards someone, especially who is a recent victim of a violent attack, is illegal?


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I would usually poke a bit of fun at him but in his present mental state he may do something extremely stupid.

Be careful what you are posting guys, that man is clearly unwell.


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The comments from the manky hoardes on that twitter post are disgusting. J. T. may not be everyone's favourite but gloating over a pensioner being attacked is is just sick.


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When you find out that BBC Scotland think Malky Mackay is a better choice of co-host than you.....

You’ve got to hand it to BBC Scotland.

Managing to find someone even less literate and more bigoted than fanny Michael takes some doing.


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