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The late Queen mother,she had a race horse called Ibrox in the 70s and one called Charlton after Bobby and Jack the two famous England football brothers.


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A friend of mine organised a group of eight of us to go to the Scottish Cup Final in 1999 and Gordon was one of the company. This was when he was well known but not a megastar.

At half time we had 'nibbles'/'finger food' in hospitality and were discussing the first half when a female Sellick supporter in a white 'trouser suit' and a green t-shirt came up to Ramsey and said, "You're that chef from the telly. I don't know your name but are you Ainsley?"

We laughed so much that we missed Rod's goal!
I saw him at the same match in the concourse before kick off.....some wee smart arse wandered over and said "no getting a burger Gordon"..."%^*& Off" was the reply ...he's quite a tall gent Mr Ramsey......


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Jimmy Bain who recently died famous rock bassist and Brian Robertson ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist were both Bluenoses....they were in a band called Wild Horses who name checked us in the liner notes....