Celtic to be sued in the US over abuse(The Sun)


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Everyone knew something went on.

Cairney and one youth player got sent back to Scotland during the trip and nothing was ever said about it.
And the lads parents agreed not to contact the police in exchange for him being offered a professional contract. I hope those people sleep well at night with that in their minds every day. I honestly can’t get my head round how any parent could do that.


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I take no comfort from all of this Hell on earth these young boys have gone threw, and must still be going threw, I don't think I could ever have got over such attacks as went on in that Hellhole, and they have the audacity to call that place Paradise, perhaps if the FBI do become involved in the crimes and cover ups that went on in Boston, it may sharpen minds in this backwater, turned into the shit hole of a country by the very people who refuse to do anything about it.