Copa America 2019


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The Copa America starts on the 14th June so I'll start a thread to see if there is any interest (with Morelos not going). I'll try and keep it updated with highlights etc.......

This year sees the traditional South American powerhouses of Qatar and Japan being invited.

The wiki page is a good starting point for anyone wanting to find out more about the competition:érica
Why are these nations involved? They’re clearly governed by a different FIFA region?


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Weird choice surely USA and Canada are in the America’s? Appreciate there’s another competition they’re in but I’m sure you catch my drift!
This is the first time that no team from CONCACAF has been invited (since invitations have been offered). Don't know the reason why.


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Can’t record ESPN + so that’s not so good news.
Telemundo’s commentary is better though so I’ll go that route.
Thanks for the info bud
I’m sure ESPN has full replays on demand.

I’ll likely go Telemundo route as well, though, or try to tune into local coverage.

Looking forward to it!


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Brazil have been fortunate with the draw. They should win their group comfortably... QF opponents will be a third place team and then they will play against a team that finished 2nd in their group.

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