Cops chance to score right before Roofes goal


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as he was going to try and control the ball i'm almost sure that Tav gets to him before he gets a shot off
Tav had let him away but he was closing in on him just as he tried to control it. Ah well we missed several chances so we deserved the win. I thought Standard Liege were quite a good team and a fine win by us.
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Tav would have been getting absolute pelters for drifting in and losing his man.
Fine margins football. Although Tav played very well he had one of his defensive lapses, and if the Belgian scores he gets the blame. It goes under his foot, we break up the field and score the goal of the decade, what are the chances of that happening? I actually thought that when the flood came it would be good if no one scored as it was a lottery, giving us a 1-0 win, but I'll take the 2-0 and a goal that will never be forgotten.


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I was raging that we gave them that last chance,I thought our ball retention for that last minute or so was poor.


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Calling either of them sitters is ridiculous. The one he took a really bad touch was a better chance than the other but it still isnt a sitter. If he controls it hes at a tight angle with the keeper narrowing it further, its a good chance and he should be doing much better with it but calling either of those chances sitters is down to how pissed off we are as fans with Morelos and his form just now.

It's just the way of it with Morelos from some eejits on here, he gets an easier time off opposition fans than gets on here from them.

Sam English

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Probably should have resulted in the equaliser in all honesty. Instead under no pressure he lets the ball roll under his foot and we go up the park and score a truly magnificent goal to seal the points.

Fine margins
Think the waterlogged pitch played its part there TBH


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We should’ve been 3-0 up by that time, poor misses from Arfield and Morelos


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Didnt whittakers wonder goal in lisbon also come from a fluffed sporting equaliser chance?

Bromp Carlisle

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My stream was behind my mates' streams and two of them had posted "fucking hell" in our group chat before the ball came to him in our box.

I was resigned to the draw at that point...


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We lost the ball because it got stuck in a puddle, same as what happened to the guy who ended up with a chance!
We had them up their end,they managed to get out,got a throw in about 40 yards from the by line,Balogun should have headed the throw in clear,he never and the ball broke to their guy who played it to another who then volleyed it across to the player who let it run under his foot.
No puddles involved in that phase of play,it was poor from our part(Balogun),watch it back.


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Came from a throw in they took midway inside our half when it should have actually been just inside their own half. I was screaming at the telly.

Took a real dislike to them during and after that game, get it right up them.


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I'm going to go with my gut and say that McGregor would've saved it anyway.

If you freeze it as he tries to control it, Tav and another player are making great movement to cover things.

By the time he controlled it and opened his body up to get a shot, it's a very tight angle for him I think.

Big chance of a deflection wrong footing McGregor is he gets a shot away and it was heart in mouth times but I reckon he still had a fair bit to do if he got a touch on it.
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