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Eleven Scotland Under-21 players and two backroom staff are self-isolating after three of the players tested positive for Covid-19.

The positive tests were recorded after the players returned to their clubs following Tuesday's defeat in Greece and those three players are to isolate for 10 days from 20 November.

The 10 close contacts must do likewise for 14 days, also starting Friday.

Scot Gemmill's squad and staff flew back to Scotland on Wednesday.

The close contacts were established using aircraft and bus manifests, in adherence to government protocols that consider close contacts to be two rows either side of a positive case," said the SFA in a statement.

The latest development comes after a member of the team's backroom staff returned a positive test last Sunday prior to the group travelling to Greece, with a colleague deemed as a close contact.

That's from the BBC site.


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How if he's been in contact
Because you can’t spread something you don’t have. If he’s been positive it would be different

self isolation after being in contact is to stop you contracting it and spreading it before you know you’ve got it if you’ve got very mild symptoms.


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Fair play OP, if Turnbull's not announced in their squad in the next 15 mins you can join the MDB ITK List.
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