Diego Laxalt


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I actually thought he was their best player by a distance when considering how little footballs he played, how recently he arrived and who he was up against shows how sh1te rest of the tarrier team was.


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To be honest, he wasn’t woeful. Well not anymore than the others on the pitch.

Still, just can’t see him being a good signing for them.
He wasn't the worst defending but offered nothing going forward. Tried to cross balls In from miles from the eighteen yard line. Zero pace. Reason a very poor Milan let him go and worse still will let him play against them.


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If I was to be fair, it's a bit early to judge the boy after a handful of games - but the fact AC Milan are OK with him playing against them in the Europa league should really get alarm bells ringing. And it's not as if he went on loan then AC got drawn with them, AC already knew who they would be playing.


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He was sucked in by a one two in the build up to the second goal. Schoolboy stuff.

So if he's their great white hope then that's great. Ran about looking busy but did nothing of value going forward or defensively.


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Haven't seen a thread dedicated to this weird looking specimen yet

Whats your thoughts troops:D:D:D
My first thought when I saw him play and I can’t shake it, is simply that they would be better with tablesalt instead of Laxalt.

I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh :D

Johnny Yen

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He was their best player, no doubt at all.

Not saying much as the mhanks were garbage, he was the only player to get pass marks I would say.
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