Diego Maradona has died


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A real shame. One of footballs greats.

Hasn’t looked well for a long time but still a shocker.

Jack Burton

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Sorry to hear this, but battering coke when you are in your 50s is only going to end one way.

One of the best ever.


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Someone who will be remembered for hid genius as long as football is played.

RIP Diego. An incredible player and amazing life story


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Legend of a player.

car crash of a human being when he stopped playing

a real character who lit up the game with incredible talent


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Awww man that’s shit. I mean he was fucking crazy and done well to get to 60 with his lifestyle but still a shock.


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20 years more like 35 surely he was banging the stuff in the 80s
He started hammering it at Barcelona - 84/85 - and obviously his Camorra handlers in Naples helped exacerbate his habit and associated health problems.

So yep best part of 40 years, he would probably have died a decade or so ago had his pal Fidel not came to the rescue


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2020 - the gift that keeps on giving!
What a player, troubled character, but a literal footballing genius.


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The documentary of him was unreal and gave me a massive insight to his career that I didn’t know ( too young to remember him )

RIP Diego

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