Diego Maradona has died


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What an absolute sickener . The greatest player for me of my generation. A total genius . What a blow . RIP Diego


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Never seen a fine footballer and I knew on 2 June 1979, that I never would.
Nobody, not even Messi has come close to the heights Diego reached.
Remember seeing him at Hampden... some player at 18 years old, and he stuck out a mile even then. I think he scored as well?

Johnny Yen

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The greatest, really gutted at this news.

My other half bought me a retro Argentina 86 top just a few weeks ago.

Argentina will be in mourning.


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Seriously 2020 has just been fucking horrendous. My favorite player of all time. He was just unbelievable and absolutely mental.

Like Zidane, the ball was basically glued to his foot.



My hero as a kid . Only wish I could have seen more of him as foreign football wasn’t on tv as much
RIP Diego


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Sad but not surprised at the drug references rather than the world cup winner, FIFA player of the Century, singlehandedly winning the Serie A with Napoli
Argentina had a decent side in 86 at Mexico but without him they wouldn't have won it.

Still remember getting a pair of Puma King and playing for the BB imagining I was him.


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Only 60.
They say one man doesn't make a team,well this man won a World Cup on his own. The greatest player in my lifetime