Diego Maradona has died


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I saw him at Hampden in '79, just after that our BB team bought replica strips identical to Argentina with the numbers, there was always an argument over the number 10 shirt.

The greatest ever IMO, flawed obviously, but all geniuses are.

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Very sad news. Honestly one of the most exciting football players you could ever have the pleasure to see pick up a football in the middle of the park and drive at the opposition - even as a young wean of 7, watching him play at Mexico 86 was breathtaking and like nothing I had ever witnessed.


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One of my earliest memories of watching football is watching videos of Mexico 86 and buzzing to see Maradona on TV in Italia 90 where he disappointed to be honest.
Whatever flaws he had he’s one of the greatest, sad day for football.


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Sad news indeed 1986 was the first world cup i remember and i was in awe of his talents and at that time i thought every world cup would be the same with players like Maradona not realising players like him are once in a lifetime .


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He passed away 15 years to the day after George Best died. I think football now has an official date to mourn it's legends.

I feel privileged to have seen both of them play.

So did I,how lucky are we but they had difficult private lives.
Talent and fame doesn't come cheaply.


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What a shame, I have memories of him when I was a kid single handedly destroying everyone at the 86 WC.

Best player I have ever seen


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A superb footballer who played the game it should be played.

As above though he fucked Ricksen about which leaves a bad taste.



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The best player I have ever seen simply phenomenal and I am old enough to have seen Pele as well.

Argentina will be in mourning as he was seen as a god for what he achieved.



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The guys on the news got it during a broadcast (not a special one) and burst out in tears.

The guy is a god in Argentina, that country will be in mourning as you said.
My Argentinian mate just sent me a text and hes devastated. He is God there. They even have a church named after him.
They wont get over this, never ever.

Blue Lou Boyle

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First game i ever watched was the scotland vs wales qualifier in 85. I got the football bug there and then.

The world cup at the end of that season put the tin hat on it.

Maradona was just on a different planet from any other player.

Argentina would have got no where near the final never mind win it if it wasnt for maradona.

What a player.