Does this group of players have what it takes to win on the 29th?


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Of course they can,I thought we would win pretty comfortably tonight I was wrong,That doesn't mean we can't beat the fhilth every game can be won dolly showed that tonight.


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No. Ejaria and Coulibally are not winners. Both appear to lack the fight and desire for the tough games. Ejarias ok against weaker opposition where he can spin about and pull off a back heel or two. When its a battle hes not up for it. Not what we need in this league.


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Can we go man for man in midfield?

I think jack can do a job on rogic. However that still leaves Forrest and mcgregor. I would imagine that Celtic don’t really fear our midfield going forward so will give N’Cham freedom to push and leave Brown to look like a superstar as per.

We can work on a plan, but it’s down to the players following this.

Blue Goose

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I think it's a bit too soon for this team. Abergreen are utter dross and we fell into their trap. Got sucked right in. Lost our shape, movement and clearly the plan. Those players need to be smarter.


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I think we missed arfield badly tonight. He'll be playing on 29th. Indeed I think sg will rely on experience instead of youth for the derby game. Middleton excepted perhaps


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Not with a midfield performance like we had tonight.

And let’s face it, in big games, midfield performances like that have become the norm.

Jimmy the Gent

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Our big problem is the filth raising their game, which they do every time the play us.

If they turn up and perform then they win comfortably, we are nowhere good enough to go toe to toe with them.


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Let's focus on the games before first. We have to win the next two games against relegation candidates. Absolutely have to and with no Morelos as well.

This correct no point thinking to far ahead we win all games between now and then we will be world beaters again

People need to try and level out a bit many more lows and highs to come .


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They will overrun us in midfield...they have Christie, McGregor, Sinclair, Forrest, Rogic, Ntcham and Brown...we simply can't match that.

This isn't just a reaction to tonight either but they always raise their game against us and we're scared of them. 1-0 flattered us at Parkhead.

Blazing Saddles

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Their midfield is by some distance their best weapon, whereas we are the compete opposite. They will tear us to shreds.

Rogic and MacGregor v Coulibaly and Ejaria. What a grim thought.

Rudolph Hucker

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Ability-wise we could nick it but too many of this side are mentally weak, plus I still don’t see them playing as a team and a cohesive unit rather than a group of individuals in the same coloured shirts. Some players go into hiding in the big games, some play badly and some lose their discipline.

The paedos are no great shakes but they have players who have consistently delivered over a number of seasons. Our lot have delivered in a few games in Europe and against Hearts twice and that’s it.
We had it before and if we can stop getting red card after red card we can have a fully functioning 1st team all rowing in the same direction.

Disasterous day at the office but I can only hope we put it behind us.
Err, anyone noticed they are not exactly good?

If ever there is a chance to win the league it's this season.
Except they win the matches that matter. We showed again tonight that we don’t. I hate losing to Celtic but I am smart enough to accept they are better than us, so it is likely. Aberdeen by contrast...give over. It is becoming a bad habit I can’t accept.


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Going against popular opinion on here. I don't think their defense is pish. We'll struggle to score.
They have the best defensive record in the league. Id take Boyota and Benkovic over any of our cbs tbh. Id also take Tiernay over our left backs. Im amazed people think there defence is pish. Theyve let in 7 in 14 games we have nearly let in double that.

Add to the fact id also take thier full midfield over ours. I think we need to wisen up a little.


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The 3 in the midfield with arfield or not is simply too weak. It gets overrun by SPFL plodders never mind the Bheasts.

The side last night showed they are still capable of bottling it v 10 men


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Our midfield was woeful. We really missed Arfield, he’s head and shoulders above any other midfielder in our squad. Any money we have in the transfer kitty should be spent on better quality in midfield.
My problem is even with arfield last night we would have still struggled, reference league cup semi.

Our midfield has got too many average Joe’s in it to make an impact in tight games.

We need to strengthen this area in January or will can kiss goodbye to giving the yahoos a challenge for the title.


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I thought our win on Sunday showed the players had the fight and mentality to come back from a goal down

Tonight when we were league leaders worries me as it appeared they pressure got to them

We just did not handle it well

The management team need to find a solution and find it quickly
In a thread stinking of negativity, this is just more made up nonsense.
If being unable to handle pressure was the problem, the team wouldn’t have came from behind to get there in the first place.

Blastie Bear

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They must WANT to beat them for it to happen.
Last night there was no desire to win.
Rangers got what the deserved last night. Teams are not going to come to Ibrox and roll over.


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They will overrun us in midfield...they have Christie, McGregor, Sinclair, Forrest, Rogic, Ntcham and Brown...we simply can't match that.

This isn't just a reaction to tonight either but they always raise their game against us and we're scared of them. 1-0 flattered us at Parkhead.
Yet a Hearts team spearheaded by our own Kyle lafferty with a couple of teenagers in the side were able to pump them, more than once.
Jack, Ejaria, Coulibaly get no where near their midfield, we lose the midfield battle and it's curtains.

Any way, plenty games to worry about before the 29th.


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It's nothing to do with 'being in the trenches' or surrendering. We are fans, observers of the game, no matter what attitude or opinion we have it isn't going to influence the game in anyway.
Point being this side have delighted and frustrated in equal measure this season.

Last night another disappointment but this side are more than capable of beating Celtic ffs.


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After watching that tonight I’m not feeling too optimistic. Too many go into hiding and the midfield simply isn’t strong enough or good enough to open up a tight defence.

Desperately need players back fit or bring in a couple of quality players in January to make the difference.

I’ve watched rangers teams in the past and watched them play bad but still manage to win ugly. This team seem to find it hard to win ugly.
I was even talking about the 29th last week, before our hearts game, even then i could not see us winning. maybe scrape a draw.
our Midfield will get over run. I think we can match them physically now but speed, creativity wise, they are still ahead of us imo.
last night pretty much proved that we are not quite ready to make a serious challenge. Throw in that we only seem to want to play with 10 men and we will certainly be up against it.


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No, nowhere near where we need to be to beat them, as it stands.
I want Davis here now more than ever. Fed up with Ejaria and coulabablys half hearted efforts in the engine room. No room for passengers.