Enzo Maresca? New bookies’ fav. for scum job


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Not gonna write anyone off. Anyone going to the theatre of shame has an enormous job. First team rebuild. Staffing rebuild. Install new philosophy. Get them fit, keep them fit, make them want to be fit. Reserve / youth rebuild. Scouting rebuild. Training centre rebuild.


And there's the clincher, don't get to us immediately yer teas out and threats are made....


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Decent player, and has been assistant at Ascoli, Sevilla and West Ham, not someone who I would expect to have an immediate impact, especially having to rebuild almost an entire new squad.


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Biscuit tin won't be rattled or harmed in the next up in coming appointment. Think it will be the cheapest option regardless of season ticket sales


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He played for Juve and won the UEFA Cup with Sevilla.

Super Ally won the European golden boot, numerous titles and deputised to Walter smith who took us to the uefa cup final.

And he wasn’t good enough.

I don’t think past success in anything other than a managerial position is an indication of suitability, one way or the other.


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I'm sure he's already been stopped by Rangers fans to tell him he'd be a breath of fresh air & thank him for gracing us with his presence :rolleyes:


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Liewell's son, Mark, works there.

Interesting. It was when Delia popped up at NYC FC, I began to think of the connections.


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Wonder if he will be treated the same way Pedro was by the media/journalists.

Disrespectful and Xenophobic by many