Feyenoord Match Registration?


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The surch for 3+ points was a massive 1.5k in 24 hours. I can't see it making it to 1 point. There will probably be a lot of 2 pointers disappointed
It’s hard to say. What makes you think there are that many on 2 points? The initial surge was for everybody on points 3 to 13 or whatever the highest is, this upcoming window is solely for those on 2 points. Surely there can’t be any more than say 500 on 2 points, and not everybody is going to buy one. It might still come down to some 1 pointers yet.


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My dad is on 1 pt same as myself and we booked up together in the same room, ive had an unsuccessfull email yet my dad still has nothing, i can onlu assume he too is unsuccessfull as we clicked the double room option??

Not very straight forward this is it hahaha

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In his defence (to an extent) FF is not and should not be his source of providing updates to supporters. That should be through other social media (club twitter, website and FB) or even probably better through the email database Rangers have for TC members.

I need to connect with him about ticket pick up in Rotterdam, but from past games it has been last minute (day before game). I cant risk that this time as travelling through to Rotterdam about an hour before game. Cant pick up at Ibrox as live in Europe and club dont mail anything to overseas fans (thats a seperate gripe I have with TO).
I have the same issue and I’ve asked him on here and on twitter and he hasn’t replied with a solution. Pretty poor tbh.


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Any ideas of when match registration will open up for our game in Rotterdam?

My mate would also like to come but I’m assuming a zero pointer has zero chance of getting a ticket?

Any bears from here going in the home end. If so where are you all sitting?
I used to work in Rotterdam and still have a few friends over there and in dan Haag. I’ve asked them about tickets, no reply yet but I’d expect there should be a few empty home end seats.


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My son and me got our emails around 6pm both successful. I was on 3 points he was on 1.

My email states I have to pay for both of our trips and my ticket , his was just for his ticket. Some things never feckin change..

A terrible way to do this. I hope the new company learn from this for the next time.


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Today at 9am was the cut off for 3 pointers but my two pals are trying just now on 2 points and it is still saying you need 3.