Gareth Bale to return to Spurs?

I just get the impression he does not give a phuck about football. He's got all the medals he needs and Madrids mild winter gives more opportunity to get the handicap down than the pissing wet cold of a Manchester winter.
I would agree with that, I think. He doesn’t look to care much about kicking a ball anymore but, in all fairness to him, that might be because of the way that Zidane and the fans have been with him and a move could get him going again.

Im surprised at Levy shelling out big money on him though, it’s a risk when Kane has bought into the club ethos and wage structure etc and could probably double his take elsewhere and you just let Erikson go because you didn’t want to break your wage structure.

I suppose the top half of the EPL is a bit of a financial arms race nowadays though and he’s perhaps realised that he needs to loosen the purse strings a bit to keep up. It’ll be interesting right enough as Spurs definitely need something, you can see they’re crying out for just any sort of change or inspiration.


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The guy is a complete moron. Getting paid ridiculous amounts but showing no professionalism. Should have been sacked on the spot after that horrendous banner


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If Spurs get Bale and the Madrid left back, Levy has done well and taking excuses away from Mourinho as to why Spurs are shite.
A front 3 of Son, Kane & Bale with perhaps Lo Celso in behind is very good on paper. 2 attacking wing backs in the new left back & Doherty, so I agree that there's plenty of scope within that squad to play exciting, attacking football. Let's see if Mourinho can manage to get that out of them.
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