Gerrard expects more outs than ins

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Any of Lundstram,Samuel and Johnson on pre contracts sounds like good business if our scouts have indeed identified them as what's required for the squad.

Barjonas Middleton,Jones and Stewart aren't getting game time and need moved out as a result.As mentioned Edmundson might depend on Katic return to fitness and possibly Mayo coming back into the squad.

I'd love to see another wide attacker with pace as an option on loan if possible providing he's good enough.
We 100% are/were interested in Osayi-Samuel. I was told in mid August of our interest and it came out a month later in football insider who are connected to his agency. One to watch imo, would like us to sign him.


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I think we will lose one big name and several fringe players. Take your pic of a big name, Kamara, Morelos, Barisic


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We need a wide attacker and an established, physical No.9.

We don’t have suitable cover for Kent.

Itten is nowhere near ready enough to lead the line, and Morelos is so badly off form it’s untrue.
I agree with Itten but I think he’s rusty given lack of game time. I however think you’re miss reading Morelos game. Our style this season is not playing to his strengths and therefore his role of scoring goals has changed.


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Still don't get the Big urge to punt Edmundson. Ok the boy made a big mistake, but he's a cracking centre half, or will be. Loan him yes, selling him I'm convinced we'll regret.


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Jones sold for sure and Edmonson will be shipped out on loan.
Yeah, Jones has had enough chances.

Big George I think should get another chance and he's still young. I'd send him on loan for the second half of the season and give him some playing time, which he's unlikely to get here anyway.


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If we can get into the CL group stages then I reckon morelos will be the only big name going, which I think is fine.

If we don't get CL football then I'd say morelos and one more, probably barisic or Kamara.


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Likely see Jones, Edmundson, Stewart and few of the youngsters out the door. Most likely on loan. Strengthen the other teams in the League for the run in.

Hopefully tie up a few bosmans and maybe a loan with an option to buy at the end of the season. Not expecting us to bring in many tbh. Two at most. None of our first 11 or heavy rotation options will go anywhere imo. Unless we get a big bid for Alfie. Which is looking unlikely.


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Barjonas, Barker, Jones, Stewart can go

Possible loan moves for Edmundson/Katic

I would like a player who can play either side of the main striker a quality go to option for Kent possible Samuel of QPR ?

Bosman deals for Lundstrum/Johnson added midfield/attacking options perhaps.


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Press are saying Gerrard expects more outs than ins this coming window. I can't really think of who we'd bring in at the moment as the squad is already at a high standard with rotation players up there with the first 11.

Outs my guess would be the loans for the likes of Middleton, Dickson, Medube, King, & maybe Jones and Edmundson

Who would you like to see in and who would you like to see out?
I would also send itten out on a loan tbh, he would really benefit from a run of games and he just isn’t gonna get it here with roofe and Morelos, although I still like he will come good


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With things goung as they are, I think the only players we’ll see go will be the likes of Jones and Stewart.

Top ones going? I doubt it, unless it’s silly money they and we are offered.

Potential to be a pivotal part of history for the club, more profile in europe this season and (staying on form) chance to play in the Champions League next season. Who’s going to want to leave at this point?


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I'm surprised at everyone looking to put all our fringe players out on loan, they need punted, end of even if its a nominal fee for some (e.g. Greg stewart) who are guaranteed very little game time but at least a wage will be saved if not receiving a large transfer fee.

If we can get rid of enough fringe players and add in (hopefully) champions league money then we may only need to sell one main asset instead of two or God forbid three.


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I'm wondering if either Alfie or Kamara goes in January. Personally I hope not but GK performances of late will be getting the wallets open from some of the bigger clubs.
There’s no chance Kamara goes before his price goes up after a good Euros!


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If we manage to get rid of 3 or 4 fringe players who are on around 5k per week, it would let us bring in a quality loan signing (with option to buy) on around 15-20k per week.


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The good thing about Ross Wilson and Gerrard is they will know who’s going out in January and its probably already sorted who’s coming in.
The scum will have the fear.


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I’d punt Jones and probably Stewart.

I would like to get rid of Barker. I think he’s a chronic waste of a wage. But, Gerrard likes him it seems.

I would loan Edmundson to Killie or such like.

You are correct more so in regards to barker, the problem is what club in their right mind would take barker.


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Permanent “outs” - Jones, Stewart, Barjonas, Barker (if a replacement signed)
Loan “outs” - Middleton, Dickson
No sale of ’big name“ players in January


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I reckon Jones is definitely gone, and I'll be happy enough if 2 or 3 other fringe players follow him out (I think that Edmonson might get another chance).

Unless we get a crazy money offer for one of our regular first team players, I think that most know they're on the brink of something special now and will want to stay so they can be part of it.


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Bit harsh mate as Barker has done fine this season, I was like you last year but decided to give him a chance to win me over, instead of micro watching him and pulling up every single touch I looked at his play over all and he has done a lot more good that bad.

You're at the ham, right?


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If we can’t get money to sell them I’d rather we punt the likes of Jones and Stewart to another SPL team than have them rot in the reserves.

Murphy has already proved the value of this type of policy in playing a big role in Hibs draw with Celtic a few weeks back.