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It was the second leg in Paris where him and Sancho fell short. Their next step is beating a top side over 2 legs and doing well against Bayern in Munich.


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It defies every law in the book how insanely good this kid is. It’s really exciting to see how he’ll progress as he gets older.


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Hope he doesn’t do the usual and sign for Bayern Munich. Would like to see him in EPL, hopefully teaming up with Timo Werner


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An absolute freak of nature. He’s been the size and build he is now since he was 17/18. Still has the skill and talent to build on the natural gifts. The natural successor to Lewandowski as the number 1 striker in football.


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Possibly, that would open up PSG and Barcelona as another 2 looking for a goal scorer next season.
If he keeps up his scoring rate I can't see him being at Dortmund next season, although that normally means he'll be at Bayern.
Barcelona are heavily in debt and been ordered by La Liga to slash their wage bill by £150m. They wouldn’t be able to afford him.


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Incredible player, his acceleration from a standing start is phenomenal. I'm looking forward to following his career.
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