If the sheep win at the weekend is the league back on?


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IF is an extremely big word here, sheep will do there usual and bend over and gladly take it royally, 3 points to the manky mob


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There is no way the sheep will take anything

Check history
20 Games since 2016, Celtic have won 17, Aberdeen have won 2 (one of which was when celtic lay down at the end of the season to keep aberdeen 2nd and us 3rd), 1 draw.

Thinks its safe to say whos picking up 3 points on sunday.


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If Aberdeen win on Sunday, then yes the league is definitely back on, but i really cant see it happening. They will like down to them like they normally do and probably concede 4 or 5


Aberdeen would rather lose to Celtic than see us gain any advantage by them winning or even drawing. Tim's easiest 3 points on the calendar.


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More chance of Princess Diana scoring a hat trick for Morton in a Champions League final than there is of the Sheep beating the Mhanks this weekend.


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Aberdeen will take a scudding as per, and even if they don't, our current squad and management team can't be trusted to capatilise on it.

The leagues done.

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If we win and Dolly win then we'll be 7 points behind with a game in hand.

Win the game in hand and it's 4 points.

Beat Timmy at Ibrox and it's a point.

I seriously doubt Dolly will lay a glove on Timmy on Sunday, but if they did pull off a shock then it's definitely game on.


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IF they win then yes. Absolutely no chance of that happening though. Aberdeen will be lucky to keep it down to 5. Grim.

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Even if Aberdeen were to win we'd most likely blow the next difficult away game we have such as the normal pattern this team seem to follow.

What's our record consecutive wins under Gerrard? 7 wins or something like that? We'd need to basically win every game until the end of the season. I can't honestly see that happening.


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The easiest games every season for the Tarriers! East Kilbride would give Celtic a tougher game than those sheep tossers!


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The tims were 4-0 up at half time the last time.
The Aberdeen fans will be celebrating a Celtic win as they know it screws us.


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"If the sheep beat the scum" Hilarious stuff.... the sheep (players and fans) are more than happy to get a doing off the tarriers so long as it has a negative effect on those sevco huns..... sad but true

There's a better chance of me shagging Kelly Brook this weekend