Is this team better than Walters UEFA final team?

Is this team better than the UEFA final team?

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Rangers daft

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A better question would be if you could swap this Gerrard team for the Walter team just for the 2008 final would you swap it? Can't compare this team to Walters until we win silverware but a one off swap for the final against zenit given how we'll both teams were/are in Europe...

Alcatraz Loyal

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Different sort of teams I guess but if you could swap this squad for that squad to continue the season, would you ?
just a wee Sunday night poll, Casue the mrs is talking mince lol
No, I don't think they are. I think the current crop are coached a lot better than previous regimes.

Besides, I'm not a fan of comparing different eras in football.


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This is the best Rangers team in our lifetimes in a European sense. Only under Dick Advocaat have we came close to being as good in Europe but that was mostly down to us chucking extreme cash (for that time) at it. In a tactical sense, this is the best Rangers team in Europe I have watched. We don't have better players than the teams we are coming up against but they are incredibly well drilled and have went to many places in Europe now and controlled games at a really high level. It's been happening for 3 seasons now and we are getting better every season so it's hardly a fluke.

Walter is god to me and as amazing as Manchester 08 was, we carried incredible luck to get there. We got embarrassed regularly in Europe under Walter.

With regards to domestic comparison, you are comparing apples and oranges really given what Gerrard inherited v Walter and also the financial disparity between us and Celtic now compared to back then. Gerrard's legacy will be defined by what / if he wins trophies domestically before he leaves us. As of today, clearly Walter's 3IAR team is better in a domestic sense given what they won. If Gerrard wins the title the next two seasons and gets us into the CL Group stages etc given where we have come from it would be difficult to put into words just how incredible a job he has done since coming in as our manager. It's all hypotheticals at the moment but we are certainly on the right track.

Blue Goose

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We as a club are all about trophys and the record books don't lie. At present we appear easier on the eye, but in Walter's team we had winners. Real grafters that would run through brick walls and had a never say die attitude. Until this team emulates a fraction of that teams success then the answer at present is no.


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The team Hasn,t won anything yet .We,'ve also collapsed in January two seasons in a row.only when we actually win something can we start to compare teams.


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Our current side are in good form and its been great to watch this season but they've still got it all to prove. They need to start putting silverware in the cabinet before they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Walter's side who were serial winners.


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The current side, in a one off match, would dominate possession, create more chances and be a lot prettier on the eye ... would they win though? I'm not so sure to be honest.

We beat a lot of sides in matches that fit that exact description and scenario on Euro run to final.


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Today’s side is a far better football side than Walter ever put on the park.

But Walter’s teams were winners.

At this moment that makes today’s side second best.

Fife Bear

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This isn't gonna go down well but Walter's team wasn't that good. We got there mainly by putting men behind the ball and playing counter attack.

China Bear

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Great question. Probably poll again this again at the end of this season, where I hope a ‘ hell yes ‘ is one of the options. I voted for WS this time.


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We had a similar record at this stage last season. Do you think last season we were better than Walter Smith's League champions and UEFA Cup finalists?

We have won nothing and have a long way to go. We are effectively 3 points ahead of Celtic if they win their game in hand. It has been a good week and season so far but this is what people talk about saying getting carried away.


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We are nowhere near that level yet, one step at a time. We're doing well, see how we get on this week, 2 more big games.


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Folk absolutely love jumping the gun, why?

If we don’t win the league this squad will be hung drawn and quartered by the same adults unable to hold their water.


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In a one-off game, this side would be in with a great shout of winning.

Over two legs, the 08 side would find a way.

Over a 38 game season, the 08 side would edge this one out comfortably.

It's nice to think that the notion of this side being better than the 08 one isn't totally daft, though. Shows the improvement in the last few years.

I'd take Tav over Whittaker/broadfoot. Depending on the game, Borna over Sasa. Kent would easily displace McCulloch and an on-form Alfie would start ahead of anything the 08 side had. Our first choice midfield would all contribute to the 08 side, but not start IMO.

Goldson/Filip aren't quite Weir/Carlos levels although ask me again in a year.


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It was only a month ago that the vast majority of this forum wanted the team lynched after a draw at Hibs.

We are in a strong position, and playing well, but let's not get carried away yet.

Danger Zone

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The poll certainly illustrates the number of fantasists we have on here. Walter’s team wasn’t “that good” because they played on the counter and they were really lucky, yet the current side who are one point better off than last seasons (ultimately) domestic disaster are onto something ‘special’. Jumping the gun is definitely the correct phrase to use.


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In terms of success then obviously not at this moment. In terms of raw talent and the style of football, definitely.


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Personally I think the team's that came after were better than 07/08. Domestically at least which is ultimately what we all really care about.

Gerrard's teams have got more positive results in Europe but overall, right now, no.

Aww Skew

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Ferguson yes, Thomson I don’t believe so. Each to their own though, I feel the current team would win a win off game.

Yes the 07/08 team made Manchester, but they also got humiliated by Unirea & Kaunas. Would the current team lose to teams of that stature?. Not a chance.

Like I said, all hypothetical until we actually win something currently. So on that basis, no the current team is not better.

The majority of the current team got humiliated against one of the worst Hearts sides I’ve ever seen and beaten off Hamilton at Home.

It’s easy to pick out a few bad results.


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Possibly one of the most ridiculous polls I've seen on here.

This current Rangers side have yet to prove they have what it takes to actually win a trophy.


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I think that our team of the last 10 years is probably the worst in the history , the worst decade , look at before that we could sign World Cup winners , champions league winners , right now we could never dream of signing a player of that calibar born in the mid 80s a grew up with half the England starting team in our line up , then into the 90s singning gazza and laudrups players who finished top 10/5 balon dor we will never be abel to sign players like that , so I think it will be hard to ever compare a current or future Rangers team with teams from the past
The circumstances of the last 8 years are very different to any other era in our history so it's unfair to quote English international as well as the likes of Laudrup. Souness and Smith had access to far greater finances than Gerrard has at this moment in time. Gerrard has to be applauded ft where he has the club right now


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Don't like comparing teams from different era s .
All i'd say is, i was happy with Walters team at the time and Im very happy with SG s team now .
Nothing more to add


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The circumstances of the last 8 years are very different to any other era in our history so it's unfair to quote English international as well as the likes of Laudrup. Souness and Smith had access to far greater finances than Gerrard has at this moment in time. Gerrard has to be applauded ft where he has the club right now
I’m no dissing the achievement ,it’s just reality that no rangers team of the future can be compared to a team of the past because of the financial restraints , and that will never change in my life time , unless we some how get to England , we were Abel to sign players from the bigger clubs and compete with bigger clubs in the transfer market , again that will never happen again in my life time , I can ever picture us signing World Cup winners , champion league winners ,golden boot winners , players ranked top 5 goal keepers in the world players ranked top 5 left backs in the world , players in the running for balon dor , I was lucky growing up with all that


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Go player by a player and it’s interesting to compare them. I reckon Walters team would take the majority of positions


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This team are better to watch but behave, until they win something they are nowhere near Walter's team. Tav, Kent, Morelos , Aribo, Roofe and possibly Hagi would be part of match squad though..


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I’d have liked to have seen Gerrard, McAllister, Beale coaching the Smith squad for three seasons.

It would be interesting to see what their style of play could have done with Sir Walter’s squad