It means nothing at the moment.


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That’s the message from the Gaffer and the player. And that’s the way it should be. Stay focused and charge on.
Couldn’t be more correct.

There’s still a long way to go this season, leads like this have been given up many times before.

Having said that, we are in the best position we’ve been in for a long time and so far seem to be maintaining momentum.


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Another routine win in Gerrard's eyes, long way to go, will remain calm, feet on the ground and one game at a time.

We are in a great place. Creating, scoring, clean sheets, playing well, winning.

Long may it continue. There is definitely a different mentality withing our squad.

League on hold for a few weeks, we focus on cup games next (domestically and European).

Another superb weekend.


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He is right as are the players

It have been nice to watch but no different to the last couple of seasons at this point

what matters is what happens in January onwards


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That’s the message from the Gaffer and the players. And that’s the way it should be. Stay focused and charge on.
Very true, but I am literally running into work on Monday mornings and a fair few Fridays just now. Weekend domestic woes of our greatest rivals, coupled with their embarrassments in Europe, with us putting teams to the sword anywhere and everywhere make life in a what has been a dark year just that bit sweeter.


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He's right. We are still playing on fine margins. I dont quite understand the paper talk and hysterics from the taigs on the phone in that the league is over.
They win the games in hand its only 5 points in it with loads of games to go. We need to keep the focus and keep winning. A lot of away fixtures coming up over the next month as well.


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Trying my best to hold in my excitement here to be honest OP



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To quote Shelley : Nothing wilts quicker than laurels rested upon.

SG will have Rangers focused every time they take the field.

You can see the changes with the total squad.

In the here and now versus every opponent.


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we've had years of scar tissue, we keep going game by game. No need to get ahead of ourselves at all because we know what can happen if that happens

we've had a fantastic start but we need to keep it up and finish off the job


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Of course not. We haven't won anything yet. We are however allowed to enjoy it and above anything, dream. We've been through he'll and false dawns, I personally am enjoying us playing great football and having a great squad of players ready to battle.


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We were brilliant 1st half of last season, however this season we've upped it by another good few levels whilst the tims have fallen backwards.

Still way too early to get excited, but it just feels different this time.
Last season we were almost totally dependent on Alfie for goals and when he went off the boil after the Winter break we suffered badly . This season it is totally different ,Alfie isn't even certain of a starting place and in the last two games we have scored twelve goals and Alfie hasn't scored once. This is not a criticism of Alfie for I thought that he was superb against Benfica , it is just to highlight how much stronger than we are from last season


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He is absolutely right - we are in a fantastic position and playing well. We shouldn't bank on it just yet as things can still change.

That said, we'll enjoy these wins and then focus on the next one.


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I’m still trying to contain my optimism considering what’s happened the last two seasons after January

Those fuckers will go on a run and their games through Christmas look easier than ours do

However this feels different

We were so reliant on Morelos the last 2 seasons and when he didn’t turn up we didn’t win games

We’re getting goals all over the pitch and we have won games comfortably while nowhere near our best

Long way to go


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True. But we are fans and are allowed to enjoy every moment
Means nothing. But it's a great feeling to enjoy. Just keep going. That's the message for players and fans. Pile it on and get to the finish line. Sometimes feels not real because we're playing so well and putting teams to the sword. We'll done so far but but never give anyone a breath.
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