Kent skill on Taylor


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When he's on form he's genuinely unplayable. As Jeb says, even when he's off form teams still double up on him because they know what he can do and it creates so much space for us.


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A really nice moment of skill there.

Outside that, I thought he had an excellent game all-round.

He works very had physically, and has great talent with the football. It's why, purportedly, he is being tracked by a number of clubs in England.

I'd like to think that he will remain at Rangers however, and show what he has got at the highest level of European competition.
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I can see kent getting done for inflicting mental health issues on the mentally challenged players.


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He knows exactly what he is doing from the initial roll over to create the momentum.

It's his trailing leg that applies the finishing touch with a deft flick but the whole combination is done so quickly Taylor was lost.