Kent skill on Taylor


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The guy has bags of tricks and can change the game on its head with a moment of magic like that...... love watching him


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I somehow missed that i must have been at the toilet at the time that is something I've never seen before what a player he can be when in that mood .


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What a player.

Never ever seen that bit of skill before, using the left instep to cut it across Taylor is a new one to me.


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Unbelievable skill, the scum are terrified of Kent.

On a side note I wish we had treated Clarke like Andy Walker and refused the scumbag access to our stadium.


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Brilliant from Kent today. Role suited him to float about and as the song goes he did indeed tear them apart again


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That would have tricked any full back in the game, it was a classic, fvck knows what he done but it was smart.


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The disrespect he showed :))

Granted I don't watch too much football anymore but I've never seen a player combine a step-over with a heel-turn and so quickly.

It only took half a second - no defender is dealing with that.


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Am sure we could play them with Greegsy in goals and just Kent outfield and probably still beat them.

They were shit feared to go near him haha


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Also how many times did he do a step over & glide past Lego Eater?
That's why you can see the fear in Browns eyes after skinning Taylor he was the nearest player and didnt even try to close him down and let him put the cross in, as he knew Kent would do him again if he went near him.


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Taylor got boo’d from the louden on his way back in.
Aribo had a great bit of skill when cremated a few of them. Would love to see that back too.


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I still have no idea what he’s done there but what an incredible piece of football.
This should help.


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A bit of a double bluff. Taylor thought he had read the stepover and shifted his weight to try and and stop Kent going inside, so Kent just goes outside anyway.

Class move!


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I preferred it from the higher view point where you could see how much space the move created. Immense