Kerryfail Meltdown - A new hope


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He isn't the only one either this piece was today from Celtic quick news .

They all want want to play down GVB management credentials . Flange in Japan won one title , finished 12th and 9th in the other two full seasons he was there.

GVB won one title and finished 3rd , 4th and 3rd in his other seasons as well as winning the Dutch cup and super cup . They're absolutely clueless .

"Yeh, well, he might have won the league, but that's only because Ajax didn't get more points."

Yeh, nice one genius


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More fantasy stories from the voices in his head , the constant pain from him about anything Rangers related is wonderful .

Spends his first paragraph bitching about the orange colour supposedly being linked to more than the Dutch connection, but then spends his second paragraph encouraging linking it with the tricolour / Irish republican politics. You really couldn’t make his type up:))

And the last I looked, the tricolour has 3 equal parts.

There is only going to be about 14 Hibs fans there so there won’t be a “Hibs half” or any possibility of a giant tricolour.

Good auld James Forrest eh.


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Buy an extra paper and convert a yoon
We're not skint honest!!!!
Inside an eight paper FreeDumb supplement
Nicolae , a failed businessman, a tuechter , and Canada's biggest export since Terence and Philip will try to convince you to buy some magic beans off them.

I wouldn’t wipe my arse with their utter lies and shite. I despise nats with every sinew of my being.


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Love the casual mention of anti-semitism, when discussing someone he finds distasteful. The guy must have missed their various and repeated acts of anti-semitism at his club and by his fellow hygienically challenged supporters
Not to mention the anti Britishism. The brass neck of these idiots never fails to amaze me. They want to be loved but are by far the most hated supporters of a club, no doubt about it. Apartheid schooling has a lot to answer for, they are the problem/ bigots. Been away for a long long time now and looking in now it’s obvious. They want to be victims. They thrive on it. It’s their get out of jail card every time.


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This isn't from kerryfail it's a personal example of it from my dark side supporting brother in law in a facebook messaging exchange last Friday.

ME: Seems Van Bronckhorst is being touted as favourite for the job

HIM: Yeah I read that, tbh I think when he sees wot transfer funds he’ll have etc he won’t touch it, I think it’ll be murty then mcinness

ME: There's absolutely no chance Murty will be taking the team. None at all.

HIM: Well if they can’t get a signature by Monday he’ll have to step in. I also think more than ever that there will need to be players sold in January

ME: That's impossible, for so many reasons I can't be bothered typing them. There's more chance of Dougie Park picking a team. If it came to a pinch they would have a senior player pick the team.

HIM: I think murty has more experience than a player tbh

ME: That may be the case but guys who have inside access are intimating it just couldn't happen for various reasons. Broken down as much as possible Murty has a history the fans don't like and someone the players will listen to and respect is needed.

That's not Murty. If it were to come to it more likely to be a player such as Jermain Defoe. Who i'm confident knows a lot about football And will be respected by the players.

And that was the end of it, he didn't reply to that and I said nothing else, until 15 minutes or so ago.

ME: Well there you have it, Van Bronckhorst it is. You're not good at predicting the outcome of these things.

Currently no reply to that.

Update, I can tell he has seen my last message, but still no reply. What can you say. But this.



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I see them going on about last season saying they lost the league we didn't win it ! wtf actually goes on in their head it makes no sense at all.

Ironically that would be true of us if we lost it this season. Last season they were blown out of the water like everybody else, no debate.


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fekn zoomer offended by a colour, say's it all about theses sad fckrs.
Their own anti protestant bigotry shines through the way they go on about the colour Orange, sad people these bigots. My new Orange t-shirt arrives today, can't wait to get it on, hope not too many people combust with rage as I walk round Tesco later... haaahhhhhhaaaaahaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Can just anticipate the seeth from bheasts and their cheerleaders in the media when they witness a sea of orange tomorrow.

The usual suspects will be letting us know how deeply offended they are by the colour orange.
Michael Stewart will be taking a tanking again off his fisher price punch bag.


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“In fairness to Laudrup I have never seen him praise his time at Rangers”.

What a bizarre way of looking at the world.

Regardless of the club, I would expect any player to speak fondly of their time at a club that was the most successful of their career.


Laudrup has obviously often spoken fondly of the club, but in their twisted world it’s ok to be reasonable about the Dane if he didn’t say anything positive about us. What a horrible world it is in their heads.


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Maybe ronnies Twitter needs higblighting to plod with his sectarian ramblings.
Every day throwing around the hun term. Sectarianism and discrimination.
Every day, bizarrely given my first line, referring to others as the [Klu Klux] Klan despite it clearly being him who has the massive issues with prejudice and discrimination.
Every day, making up lies about child sex abuse to try and deflect the attention on Celtic decades long running extensive paedophile ring.

Not sure why he is allowed to carry out multiple criminal acts and Twitter refuse to act on him?