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Taken from a Moderator on the Lennon thread in Kerryfail about 5 minutes :D

I appreciate we're all very, very pissed off just now. But it'd be nice if we could keep it reasonably civil. By all means have a rant and a vent. But I think we're crossing the line when NL is being called a rat, etc. Whatever he is, he's someone who loves the club. And if you see a post that you think is offensive, report it rather than responding with all guns blazing. If enough dislike a post it'll disappear on its own. Ta.
Not a rat - he is a RHAT


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Almost every Tim on Kerryfail wants him gone and gone by tomorrow, he's done. Just a matter of time now, no idea who they have at the weekend, but it won't matter.


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Any room at the inn for an extra donkey?
When he gets binned, does that mean he will be the homeless horse?

Cos he's no stable.

I'll get my coat.


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Not a fan then?!

It's extraordinary that Neil Lennon is still the Celtic manager after 2 wins in 9 games, going 11 points behind the Huns and being humiliated twice by Sparta Prague.

How is it possible this is happening? Why are The Absentee Landlord and
The Parasite allowing it to continue?


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it was a car crash “we were fantastic for 35 minutes in the second half”

Had to laugh at Nitcham slowly jogging back at the 3rd goal while the player he was supposed to track taps in

There was a point I noticed where Kimala (spelling) was jogging to close their defenders and keeper down too.

He was fresh on and couldn't give a fk

Madjid Moments

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Can you imagine being on that flight home. Lennon getting wired into the drinks trolley.

Kennedy holding him back as he calls his players all the bastards of the day.

Broony flipping his tits because he forgot his colouring in book.

Then they hear that we have all but qualified.

Hope the pilot is a bear and plays them some music.
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