Lawrence Shankland


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Being reported that the beasts from the east are in for him and Sunderland also.

Is he worth a risk? Personally I'd take him on a free, it's a cheap risk and the boy knows where the goal is


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Feel like I'd take him out of greed / taking a punt but I think it'd probably ruin his career because in the back of my head I don't think he's good enough. He's probably better to go down south.


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If Nonce FC sign him they are in bigger trouble than anyone can imagine

Saying that I hope Shankland knocks them back if they are interested and signs for Sunderland


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he could turn into their version of MOH, imagine him sat with the bears at Hamden watching us fist them over in the cup final, be a few bernadettes getting black eyes that night


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I think Shankland is a low risk signing, albeit perhaps low reward too. However, maybe he could vastly outweigh his perceived worth on the pitch, or maybe not. I see him ending up down south, or at a Hibs or Kilmarnock, but not us or the tinks.


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18 goals in the first half of the season in the Championship, 6 goals in the second half.